Within the scope of Covid-19 measures, İstanbul Airport has established a Hygiene Team which is on duty 24/7 for making conformity controls reminding passengers not to sit too close to each other and keep distance in queues, aided by demarcation on seats, walkways and around the gates and also observing the temperature of passengers and staff in the terminal with high-tech smart screening helmet with thermo-scan sensors.

Keyvan Aviation designed a tailor-made outfit consisting of a shirt, trousers, jacket, waist bag and shoes in order to provide a higher level of safety to the Hygiene Team, which plays a significant role fighting on the front line of the virus.

Mehmet Keyvan, chief executive officer of Keyvan Aviation said:“We are pleased to have a chance serving to one of the biggest airports around the world. We will continue to improve our products to keep air and ground crews happy.”

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