Quality Policy

Quality Policy


Bringing beauty and higher quality to commercial and private aviation


  • To be the market leader in aerofashion worldwide.
  • To be the leading aviation consultancy company in Turkey.
  • To be the leader company in aviation to develop and realise innovative technology projects.
  • To make Keyvan one of the most valuable brands to represent Turkey internationally.

Quality Policy

Customer Focus

To provide customer satisfaction by offering products and services in line with customer expectations; In case customer complaints occur, to take all necessary measures in accordance with the principles of trust, transparency, impartiality, confidentiality, accessibility, integrity, equality and sensitivity to objectively remedy this complaint.

Quality Management System

Keeping the understanding of quality service in the foreground, ensuring the adoption of the quality management system and continuously increasing its effectiveness. Comply with all requirements published by TDGCA (Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation), ICAO, EASA. Establishes and promotes Quality and Safety cultures throughout the company. Continuously monitor changes in international legislation and make necessary adjustments by effectively utilizing the Compliance Monitoring System and Quality Assurance Program. Based on the principal of “No Compromise from Safety”, meeting the needs of state and customer by means of stringent safety and security measures with managing risks of aircraft operations.  EASA ASOE and any associated manuals which define the organisation’s compliance with the reguirements will be complied with at all times. Fullfill the applicable reguirements.

Effective Management

Achieving company goals and objectives within the framework of determined strategies by enhancing communication, harmony and cooperation among employees, with an awareness of authority and responsibility.

Continuous Improvement and Productivity

To be a constantly evolving organization with planning, information and technology based approaches by keeping the corporate loyalty and team spirit at the highest level.


Developing innovative technological solutions, ideas related with designs and products.

Health and Safety

To ensure absolute compliance with occupational health and safety principles based on human and environmental factors in all activities of the company.

Environment Awareness

To ensure that environmental protection and development awareness is adopted by all employees.

Compliance with Standards and Rules

To ensure absolute compliance with the standards and company procedures of all personnel together with a good professional and technical practice.

Collaboration with Auditors

To ensure that all staff cooperate with the Quality Auditors of authorities, 3rd party certification bodies and customers.


To encourage staff to report incidents / errors related to their work.

Risk Management

Promote risk management studies for company internal processes, procurement processes across the company.