As Keyvan Aviation the health and comfort of cabin crews is our priority. Our design team always follows innovations and uses the highest level of technology. Keyvan Fashion Accessories are produced in order to provide a complete professional look for air crews.

The uniforms that we produce with this meticulousness form a unity with our shoes to give you comfortable elegance. The shoes we produce for cabin crews are made of authentic leather and are layered and colored using exceptional means. Harmful chemical are never utilized. Authentic leather breathes with its porous structure and does not cause foot odors.

Steel souls and metal interiors are preferred for durability, making our shoes more durable, while the bottom heel plastic prevents the shoes from deforming.

We prefer the healthiest and most natural stout leather sole to protect feet from diseases such as fungi.

Specialities of our Shoes

  • Leather
  • Stout sole
  • Stalwart
  • Comfortable
  • Unalarmed
  • Antiskid
  • Anti-static

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