Aviation Uniforms

All industries, therefore airline companies have stepped into a new normalization process with COVID-19, which has had impacted the world. Within this period, we have created the “Safety Fashion” concept for airline companies by bringing together technology and design in accordance with the clean crew health guidelines of WHOIATA and ICAO.

Viruses can hold onto the surfaces of materials and survive for days or even weeks. While we are trying to get used to the new normal these days, we are fully aware of the fact that clothing materials provide a large area for bacterias and viruses to hold onto. Keeping the cabin crews and passengers safety in mind, we use Silver Ion Technology on our uniforms which prevents the potential of viruses from multiplying.


Keyvan Fashion Aviation Uniforms provide a continuous supply of antimicrobial uniforms designed specifically with the corporate cultures and colors of the airline companies. Our jumpsuit, skirt, shirt, pants and jacket designs create unique combinations with caps, topcoats, gloves, masks, scarves, shoes, bags and suitcases collections.

We create custom designs for airliners and bringing them into life to become the best with our comfortable and high quality clothing understanding. We pay attention to the comfort and elegance workwear requires; therefore we produce perfectly trimmed uniforms made from high-quality fabrics in Turkey. Our uniforms provide a fit look and are treated with a special process during manufacturing to reduce pilling and hairing tendencies. Cloths that have the feature of easy cleaning when exposed to dirt and stain do not lose their shape when washed thanks to the elastic structure.


As Keyvan Aviation, we attach great importance to recycling for the future of our world. For this reason, we pay attention to using sustainable materials in our products and we produce our uniforms from organically grown fibers.

The smart and innovative technology we use in fabrics provides both an economic and an ecological contribution. The fabrics retain their antimicrobial properties even if they are washed 50 times at 60°C.

Since microorganisms such as bacteria that cause odor, require prerequisites such as food, temperature and humidity, textile products that come into contact with the skin become an ideal biosphere for microorganisms. Anti-Odor technology, which we use in our fabrics, catches scent molecules and controls odors, ensuring that the uniform smells clean.


Our uniforms are 97% made of cotton and tested according to international standards. They are produced from fabrics suitable for sensitive skin. In addition, the moisture vapor transition feature in the fabric provides comfort throughout the day. Our products are tested according to ISO18184 (Determination of Antiviral Activity of Textile Products), ASTM E2149-01 (Determination of Antimicrobial Activity of Immobile Antimicrobial Agents under Dynamic Contact Conditions), GOTS 5.0 (Global Organic Textile Standard), OEKO STD 100 (OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100), RCS 2.0 (Recycled Claim Standard) and GRS 4.0 (Global Recycled Standard).

Properties of Uniform Fabric

  • Antimicrobial
  • Long time washing guaranteed
  • Breathable
  • Skin-friendly and healthy
  • Anti-odor
  • No pilling
  • Ability to easily remove dirt and stain
  • Slim fit
  • Sustainable material
  • Comfort