We care for the environment.

We care for the people.

We care for the economy.

Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. At Keyvan Aviation Group, we work hard to keep our continuous development for all the pillars of sustainability.


As Keyvan Aviation Group, we manage our environmental effects in terms of waste management. We prefer renewable sources. We review both our operational processes and support activities. We pay utmost attention to protect the environment when we select our materials. We work with eco-friendly suppliers and choose natural fabrics or closest options.

We believe in the significance of waste reduction for the future of our planet and we try to do our part. We encourage our clients to take actions to support waste reduction as well. Our next generation antimicrobial and antiviral aviation uniforms help airlines reduce their waste since they can be used for a long time keeping its antimicrobial and antiviral feature up to 50 washes. Therefore, so as to reduce the waste, they replace the disposable gowns and Hazmat Suits which are used by airlines in the scope of Covid-19 precautions and thrown away every day.


Safety is always our priority and it begins with our employees. We put their safety, health and well-being in the first place. Besides, we care for their continuous personal improvement and trainings.

We care for our clients and their employees. That is why our antimicrobial & antiviral air crew uniforms came to life. Our detailed research and discussions about flight and ground crew show that current precautions like taking body temperature, pre-flight testing, cabin disinfection before boarding, and installation of HEPA filters are not sufficient to stop the movement of virus from one place to another because fabric and textile provide a perfect place to spread virus and bacteria. Since cabin crew is in direct contact with passengers and aircraft furniture, the risk of taking and carrying the virus is high for them. The only available solutions are either to guide them through UV light system -which is not safe or healthy- or to offer them a safety uniform. Some airlines offer only mask and gloves as a minimum requirement of WHO, which is not sufficient.

As Keyvan Aviation Group, we invest in social projects that will support professional trainings and increase employment in aviation business.


We work hard to sustain and improve our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Operational efficiency is critical to maintain customer satisfaction for Keyvan Aviation Group. Through operational efficiency, we aim to reduce costs internally and also externally for our customers and ensure that all our resources are used at optimum level.

We invest in new technologies to keep our operations sustainable. We offer services to meet requirements of our clients. We care for cost-effectiveness in everything we do to support economical sustainability and provide good service to our clients. Our uniform design process starts after understanding the client needs, operation area, temperature, humidity of the area and also culture. While we respect the culture and the corporate colours, we work closely with our clients to make uniforms as comfortable as possible for the end user and make sure the product is easily maintained during its life cycle. Our technical and operational support before and after sales to our clients helps them prolong the life of their uniforms and decrease their operating costs.

Airlines may be worried about cost. We help them manage their cost without compromising comfort, aesthetic appeal, sustainability and quality. Our antimicrobial & antiviral uniforms also avoids throwing money away since they are washable and used for a long time unlike disposable gowns and Hazmat Suits which causes waste of money as they are thrown away every day. We try to do our best to support airlines and airports to resume their operation especially during these difficult pandemic times.

At Keyvan Aviation Group, we work devotedly everyday to increase our efforts for a sustainable world and set higher sustainability goals in our business and our company and achieve them with the support of our team and stakeholders.